30 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty


30 Day Manufacturers Warranty

Stable bags come with a 30 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty on the hand sewn seams and rope only. Returns/Exchanges within 7 days for new, unused nets only. Customer pays all shipping fees for returns. For hygienic reasons, nets are non-returnable once used. Stable Bags are not indestructible and we cannot control wild animals, abuse, the animal eating and chewing on the net, mother nature or improper hay installation. Warranty does not cover damage caused by use, including chew holes or tears in the mesh.

The mesh is not indestructible and can be damaged by wild animals, torn or chewed, horses are livestock and may chew thru the mesh if not transitioned properly or for various other reasons. We do not warranty the mesh/netting, only the craftsmanship of the seams and the rope. Our hay net bags are handmade in Canada by a professional net builder with over 25 years experience.

There is an inherent risk in the purchase and use of any hay net bag and who the hay is installed, positioned and maintained. We would like to remind you that this Slow Feed Netting bag sometimes will get caught in the horse’s’ shoes and or halter as well as blankets. We do not recommend the use of hay net bags with horses that wear shoes. Halters and blankets may also get caught if hay bags are not looked after and maintained. Always check your horses to make sure that they are feeding properly.


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